Monday, November 23, 2009

Proposing to an old lady at the bank

the other day i was at the bank for some paperwork and unfortunately i can't read Japanese, so an old lady saw me struggling between the documents and my e-dictionary trying to figure out what is what, she approached me and gently offered to help me filling the application. after she did i really wanted to show my gratitude to her for helping me, so i squeezed my mind trying to remember a very polite way to thank her in Japanese language,........
there it is i found it "hontou ni kekkonshteimasu" is said to her ....
she smiled to me and left ......
I headed to the exit door filled with happiness because i managed to really express my gratitude for the lady.
and suddenly i just felt the hit of a big train in my head because i just realized that in stead of thanking the lady i proposed for a marriage,
because i did not say the correct sentence for the occasion which would be "hontou ni kanshashiteimasu".
but i said " kekkonshteimasu" which means i am in a state of being married or some times can be mistakenly be understood as i want to marry you.

now here is how to say i want to marry you "anata to kekkonshitai"


Sunday, November 22, 2009

الجزائر ومصر والوساطة الإسرائيلية

في الأيام القليلة الماضية وتحديدا في الثامن عشر من نوفمير/تشرين الثاني التقى منخبا كرة القدم المصري والجزائري في مباراة فاصلة الرابح فيها سيترشح إلى كأس العالم ألفين وعشرة في جنوب أفريقيا، وقد ترشح المنتخب الجزائري بعد فوزه بهدف لصفر.

هذا كل شيئ؟؟؟

طبعا لا......
فلكي نسرد الفوائد المكتسبة من هذه المبارة التي جرت في السودان سنحتاج الى كتاب من نوع الموسوعات التي تأتي في مجلدات
فبالإضافة إلى الخبرة القتالية التي اكتسبها مشجعو البلدين نتيجة التلاحم البناء الذي يمكن أن نعتبره مناورات مشتركة فقد اكتسب المقاتلون ....عفوا ..... المشجعون خبرات كلامية وأضافوا إلى معجم المسطلحات كلمات ما كانت لتخطر على إبليس بنفسه ، ولكن كل ذلك يصب في المصلحة العامة ، إذ يمكن اعتبارها شعارات تنفع في المعركة الحقيقية مع العدو الحقيقي حيث يمكن أن يكون لها أثر مرعب في نفسيته وقد تثبط من عزيمته القتالية .......المهم ..... لقد شردت بعيدا عن الواقع الذي يحتم علينا أن ندرك أنه في نهاية الأمر ما هذه إلا لعبة سخيفة ولو سأل كل مشجع شارك في هذه المهزلة ما هي الفائدة التي جناها على المستوى الشخصي لكان الجواب لا شيئ.
النقطة الأخرى التي استنتجتها من مجريات الأحداث هي أن إخوتنا في مصر نسبوا أنفسهم إلى آل فرعون في عدة مناسبات قبل وأثناء المباراة وبعدها متناسين أنهم قوم أغرقوا عقابا لهم، وأنهم قوم كانوا وثنيين.
فتبا وسحقا لهذه الكرة التي تجعل القوم يفتخرون بجاهليتهم، ولكن يمكن أن نعتبر ذلك أمرا إيجابيا إذ يمكننا انتقاد الأفعال على اعتبار أن مرتكبيها من أحفاد آل فرعون الوثنيين وليسو أحفاد عمر بن العاص المسلم.
من جهة أخرى أقدم الجزائريون على أعمال تخريبية طالت مصالح (العدو) المصري في الجزائر من شركات ومحلات.
المهم الآن هو كيف سيتم تدارك أزمة سياسية نتجت عن أزمة كروية لا أستبعد أن تتوسط إسرائيل في رأب الصدع بين الشقيقين.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Lose Weight and Shape up in no time

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and be in a good shape?
how many hours you are spending on the internet just looking for diets? and how many sorties of successful diet you have red?
i am one of all above mentioned people and guess what ?
i gained more weight than losing, i became in a horrible shape and did not get any magic spell from the internet to make me shape up do you know why ?
sitting for a long time in front of your PC and looking for a diet is one of the causes to gain weight.
so what are you waiting for
get your ass up and start running like forest gump

run run fatso run ......
the only solution lies within your hands an only your hands
don't waist your time on surfing internet ...... it is all fake so fuck it (sorry)
what you need is the following ....
come closer ....
give me your ear .....
are you with me ?
OK listen carefully ....

1-Reduce food ..... do not calculate crappy calories it is bullshit and a waist of time
just cut food in half .... you know what ? STARVE
if you are like me eating hundred times a day, and even if you are not hungry you just eat for fun
well my friend it is time to cut the crap and start throwing food stuff from your fridge.
2- Exercise .....and i don't mean go to some fancy gym and spend some money on the subscription .... no no
Get your self a comfortable sport shoes, get out of your house and start running like a crazy in all directions, try to improvise some weird body moves, imagine for some time that a lion is chasing you, and if it happens that you pass by a tree climb it. spend no less than 30 minutes
3- jump. does this need any further explanation?
with these three steps you will achieve your goal in no time.
So what the hell are you doing....get your eyes off the monitor and go run

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Have the feeling being targeted

i was sitting in my balcony enjoying a cup of nescafe i prepared ,the time was about 1:30 am
the weather was a bit chilly
i sipped from my cup and looked at the horizon when suddenly i saw something like a mirror reflection then suddenly an idea jumped into my head made my bone shaking to the core
i saw my self in the center of sniper's crosshair adjusting his rifle to execute the perfect shot
then !!!!! Bang
wow this was very scary isn't it?

just imagine that you are targeted for five minutes and see how psychologically you will be affected how doubtful you will become , every move you take you will feel that you are followed
, and some times you commit sudden moves trying to avoid that imaginary bullet hissing its way toward you .

this is how you feel

but i really feel sorry about those people has been killed by snipers especially those innocent who were shopping or having a walk peacefully in a sunny day under a perfect blue sky ,only their bad luck brought them to that very spot.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Warning don't look

Recently i read an article that was warning from having an eye contact with Muslim people as it might be very provocative and they may react in an unpleasant way to you.

Well i encourage you to have a trip on the train or sit in public place and start staring at people in their eyes directly, have a note and a pencil with you, draw a three column table that contains Reaction, No reaction, and Religion.
if some one complains back then you are definitely checking the Reaction, if no then check No reaction.
By the way don't forget to ask every person you eyed.. "excuse me .... what is your religion?" .

Thursday, July 12, 2007

japanese confusing sentences

Ok i am writing this because i am living in japan for the time being
so this one is dedicated to all who got confused when they go snack restaurants or coffee shops.
now when you enter to a place that would provide serving for you, first thing they will great you with the word (irashaimase)which means welcome, then you head to the counter and the useful thing is that in case of food you will find a illustration of varieties of food you can pickup just by pointing your finger at the targeted food, now here comes the confusing part, you might hear (ten nai de o meshiagarimasuka?) and they say it very fast so this means would like to eat in?
I have encountered the same question me and i just said yes, putting in mind that these are unnecessary words just for the complement, but some times clerks to got confused... why??
Here is why,Imagine this conversation between me an the clerk

clerk ; irashaimase
me ;........
clerk; ten nai de o meshiagarimasuka?((eat in?) )
me ; hai (yes)
me ; cafe mocha (onegaishimasu) please
clerk ; hai ( kashkomarimashita) i understood
me ; take out (onegaishimasu) please
clerk; ????? confused
nothing just had my coffee and walked away.!!!