Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Have the feeling being targeted

i was sitting in my balcony enjoying a cup of nescafe i prepared ,the time was about 1:30 am
the weather was a bit chilly
i sipped from my cup and looked at the horizon when suddenly i saw something like a mirror reflection then suddenly an idea jumped into my head made my bone shaking to the core
i saw my self in the center of sniper's crosshair adjusting his rifle to execute the perfect shot
then !!!!! Bang
wow this was very scary isn't it?

just imagine that you are targeted for five minutes and see how psychologically you will be affected how doubtful you will become , every move you take you will feel that you are followed
, and some times you commit sudden moves trying to avoid that imaginary bullet hissing its way toward you .

this is how you feel

but i really feel sorry about those people has been killed by snipers especially those innocent who were shopping or having a walk peacefully in a sunny day under a perfect blue sky ,only their bad luck brought them to that very spot.